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Is Furnace Maintenance Really Needed?

Is Furnace Maintenance Really Needed?

We get it you want to save money whenever possible.

That’s why so many homeowners ask us, “Are annual furnace maintenance essential?”

We say yes, heating system tune-ups prevent emergency breakdowns, reduce your winter heating bill, and so much more.


All new heating systems and furnaces come backed by warranties, which is excellent news for you.

However, the fine print on almost every warranty says you need to have your system tuned up every year, or else the warranty is void.

This reason alone is enough to book your maintenance now.

Prevent Breakdowns

Losing your heat on a cold day in the middle of winter is stressful and costly.

If your heating system does need some work, you’d rather plan for it than having it sprung unexpectedly on you.

Finding and preventing emergencies before they happen saves you money and stress.

Extend the Lifespan

If you think furnace maintenance is costly, you don’t want to see the full replacement price tag.

The maintenance of a semi-annual tune-up is proven to extend your system’s lifespan by a few years.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Tune-ups make your system run more efficiently, cutting your energy bill an average of 10%-20% over the winter.

It’s easy to put off your furnace maintenance, but we stress the importance of making it non-negotiable for your home.

Avoiding maintenance can be expensive and even dangerous in some cases.

You can minimize the cost of your system’s upkeep, the frequency of repairs and expand your system’s lifespan with simple furnace maintenance.

Get in touch with us at First String Heating to learn more about how to extend the life of your furnace.

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