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In the cold climate of the Rockies having a reliable heating system is a necessity. And you know it gets cold in Denver! Whether you have radiant heating, a furnace, or boiler it’s vital to choose an HVAC contractor that you can trust. At First String Heating, we bring years of experience to the Denver to deliver the best service to your family.

At First String, we don’t have any high-pressure salesmen that are concerned about how much you spend. We want to find a solution that fits your home and your budget. When it comes to our heaters, we offer a 10-year parts warranty on everything we install. We believe every customer should be treated like friends, family, and neighbors.  We don’t want you to worry about heater problems. Contact us and we’ll help you figure out the best solution.

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How to Choose the Right System for Heating Installation for your home

We offer a variety of heating options to fit any home in the Denver Region. Take a look at what we offer, and we’ll work with you to make sure you’ve got the perfect way to keep your family warm throughout the winter.

  • Heating Replacement and Installation
    If you need an entirely new heater, consider looking into a new installation or replacement.
  • Heating Maintenance and Repair
    Are you experiencing a problem with your current heating system? Call the pros at First String today.
  • Furnaces
    A furnace is the most common heating system in the US and for good reason! Contact us and we’ll tell you why.
  • Ductless Systems
    If you’re not interested in having ductwork installed that’s not a problem! We are known for our quality ductless system installation.
  • Dual Fuel Systems
    A dual fuel system has the heating power of a furnace along with the efficiency of a heat pump. You get the best of both worlds with this system.
  • Heat Pumps
    A heat pump is an incredibly efficient, year-round system for your home.  If you’re looking to save money on your energy bill consider an electric heat pump.
  • Wi-Fi / Smart Thermostats
    Your state-of-the-art air conditioner requires a state-of-the-art thermostat to keep up with your cooling needs. Consider a Wi-Fi/Smart Thermostat for your home.

Which Heater Is Right for Your Home?

Many homeowners are overwhelmed by the variety of heaters on the market today. At First String, we won’t try to sell you the most expensive system. Every home requires a unique solution. If your home is too old for ductwork than a radiant heating or a ductless HVAC system could be the perfect solution for you. Are you looking for a reliable heater that gets the job done? A furnace might be best for you.

Each heating system varies greatly from model to model. Our technicians are trained in the details of each model in order to choose the best one for your home. We are experts at setting up each system to industry standards so that your heating unit is efficient and safe.

Your Trusted Resource for Heating Repair and Maintenance Services

Working for as long as we have in the Denver area means that we know how to deal with the cold. If you sign up with an amateur, you run the risk of dealing with the dry air and the cold all at the same time when you’d rather be warm and cozy. That’s why our motto is “guaranteed comfort at an affordable price.” We do just that—guarantee your comfort.

Our heating system installations, whether heat pumps or furnaces, are guaranteed to keep you comfortable all winter long. These highly efficient and effective machines were built to last in our neck of the woods. Keep the cold and dry Colorado climate out of your home with one of our products.

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Matt is easily one of the sharpest individuals that I have met throughout my HVAC career, along with a vast knowledge, he is personable, honest, trustworthy and fair.

I would be honored to have him in my home working on my HVAC equipment, with not a care or second thought!



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