Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers

Here in Colorado, we’ve got the freshest air you could imagine. But if your home is sealed too tightly while keeping warmth or cooling inside, you might be dealing with stuffy air. We can get rid of your hard-to-breathe air with one of our state-of-the-art air filtration or air purification systems! With First String Heating, you’ve got the best in the Parker area at your disposal for any air quality services you might need.

With our air filtration services, you won’t have to worry about high-pressure salesmen or the thought of a breakdown in the near future. We offer the highest quality service possible, from the best HVAC professionals in the Parker area. We’ve got years of experience in this field, mixed with a reliable 10-year parts warranty on all installed equipment so you never have to worry.

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How We Purify Your Air

The air purification systems we offer work differently from other air filtration systems. Air purification units seek to destroy the harmful particles in your air that can cause illness. These systems include UV air purifiers, which radiate ultraviolet light, which are harmless to human beings but can kill most single-celled organisms, including bacteria and viruses. UV air purifiers are an ingenious way to kill most harmful organisms that can enter your home.

Our air filtration systems include air filters that can further filter out bacteria, viruses, dust, and debris that can cause respiratory problems or illness. These air filters range in thickness and size, giving your home the air quality you desire. Why not contact one of our air quality specialists today?

Guaranteed Air Purifier Installation and Replacement

There’s a reason why our motto is guaranteed comfort at an affordable price. When we install a brand new, state-of-the-art air purification system, we make sure that it’s set up to last as long as possible. A good air purifier installation can mitigate many problems that come from amateur handiwork. Having a professional team on-hand to correctly size up and install your air quality system can provide a much more stable platform for its future lifespan.

If you’ve got an old air filtration system or purifier that doesn’t seem like it’s providing the quality that it once was, don’t hesitate to give our team a call for thorough IAQ services in the Denver, CO area. We can hook you up with a new system to provide extensive air filtration in your home for the future.

24/7 Air Purification and Filtration Repair Services

These systems deal with a lot of dust, debris, filters, and light bulbs (in the case of a UV light purifier). Sometimes those filters and lights can be tucked away, deep in the hardest-to-reach recesses of your air duct system. When you think your system isn’t performing up to snuff, we’re always available to take your call and give you the service you desperately need.

Air purification and filtration systems are complex machines that need care and attention just like any air conditioner or heater. Sometimes, when these systems are working as intended, it can be easy to forget they exist. However, forgetting that there’s a machine back there helping to keep your air clean and fresh can be an easy path leading to breakdowns.

Parker Air Purification and Air Filtration Systems by First String Heating

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