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If you’re looking for a heating system that can also cool your home, essentially providing year-round comfort, consider working with us to have a heat pump installed.

Heat pump systems work via electricity, making them incredibly efficient. They are also a convenient unit that can heat and cool based on your family’s preference. Why not have the most reliable team in the Parker area service your heat pump system? Pairing an incredibly efficient heater with an equally efficient team of professionals is an unstoppable combination!

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What Is a Heat Pump?

If you haven’t heard of a heat pump before you’re probably wondering what a heat pump is? Heat pumps use electricity to cycle refrigerant from an outdoor unit to an indoor unit.

This enables the unit to catch heat from outside and transfer it inside, providing a uniquely efficient heating process for your home. A flip can also be switched to reverse this process in the warmer months, allowing for heat to be removed from your home and left outside. Since a heat pump moves heat and does not produce it, it can run more efficiently than your typical furnace or boiler.

In some colder climates, as temperatures drop, heat pumps can lose their efficiency. This doesn’t mean a heat pump isn’t a good option for your home. In fact, heat pumps can be paired with a furnace to provide both efficiency and power as a dual fuel system. Check out our dual fuel system page if you want more information about a heat pump and a furnace in one.

Heat Pump Installation or Replacement

Installing a heat pump should be left to the professionals. That’s why you need the most experienced and expertly trained professionals in Parker to do the job. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim of problems due to an amateur installing your system poorly. First String can take care of the job for you.

A poor heat pump installation can lead to the need for a whole system replacement, which is neither fun nor cheap. Heat pumps are already an investment to purchase since they are more expensive than your standard furnace or central air conditioner.

Be sure to choose a highly reputable team of experts for your heat pump installation.

Quality Care With Our Heat Pump Maintenance Plan

Once you have your heat pump installed you’ll want to be sure to maintain it like you would an investment like your car. There’s a lot of care that goes into your heat pump. You’ll need to replace the air filters every 1–3 months, keep the area around the heat pump clean and tidy, as well as schedule maintenance once every year to ensure the heat pump has the longest lifespan possible.

Only a well-structured heat pump maintenance plan can keep your system running as long as possible.

Do you need heat pump repair?

Even with preventative maintenance, your heat pump may need repairs in the future. However, with an excellent service professional providing annual maintenance, the amount of heat pump repairs you need will be drastically less.

Don’t hesitate to get the maintenance your heating and air conditioning systems deserve.

Parker Heat Pump Service by First String Heating

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