Why Air Filters Are An Important Parts Of Your HVAC System

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Why It's So Important to Change Your Air Filters Regularly

There are many different parts and components of your air conditioning and heating system. 

Of all of the different parts, one of the most critical components is the smallest. 

The air filters you use and your maintenance are critical to the life and function of your air conditioning and heating system.


Your home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system specify ventilation in its name for a particular reason. 

Because ventilation plays a prime role in how efficiently the air in your home can be heated and cooled to keep you and your family comfortable.

Without the ventilation, your heating and the cooling unit would be unable to disperse comfortably temperate air throughout the entire house.

When the air is being sent through the ventilation system, it needs to be filtered.

This helps to keep both you and your family, as well as the unit itself, safe. 

Dirt, dust, hair, and particulates in the air can damage the system and be unhealthy for the people breathing the air.

The air filters are one of the essential parts of your HVAC system.

Proper Maintenance Of Air Filters

Taking care of your HVAC system has many different steps and parts of the process.

None of them, however, need to be inspected and maintained as often as taking care of your air filters.

Your air filters need to be changed multiple times per year.

Write the date on your air filter before you install it, so you’ll easily remember when you last replaced it.

The rate at which you change your air filters depends a lot on different factors.

Some Of These Factors Are:

  • If you have furry pets at home
  • If anyone in the home has terrible allergies.
  • The type of air filters you use.
  • If conditions are particularly dusty.
  • The air quality inside the home.
  • If the System is in constant use

The air quality outside of the home do you live near a construction site, is there a factory nearby, or is there otherwise a lot of air pollution?

Depending on these factors, as well as your preferences, your air filters should be changed every 1 to 3 months.

If you still aren’t sure how often to change your air filters, open the vent, and look at your air filters.

Why Air Filters Are An Important Parts Of Your HVAC System

When the air filters are dirty, change them.

Reasons to Change Your Air Filters

In every HVAC system, there are one or more areas in the home where the air is received into the system.

A large vent covers these areas, and behind that vent is a filter.

If that filter is dirty, it can make it difficult for your HVAC system to circulate the air, making it work harder than it needs to.

Causing unnecessary wear and tear on your unit and severely shortening its functional lifespan.

Changing your air filters regularly and keeping the system clean helps the HVAC system work more efficiently, which saves you money on your energy bill.

When the air filters are clean, the air that gets pumped throughout your home is healthier and cleaner, making your air quality and breathing much better.

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