Should You Buy An Upgraded Furnace?

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Should You Buy An Upgraded Furnace Or Upgraded Air Conditioner?

Should You Buy An Upgraded Furnace Or Upgraded Air Conditioner?

I’m consistently asked by homeowners about upgraded furnaces and air conditioners. 

A lot of those questions revolve around cost. Many homeowners these days want to replace both their furnace and air conditioner but that can get expensive if both units are upgraded.

Upgraded Furnace Or Upgraded Air Conditioner

What should you do?

Buy a standard furnace and upgraded air conditioner…


Buy an upgraded furnace and standard air conditioner?

If you live in Colorado that answer is very easy….

The heating season in Colorado is much longer than the cooling season which means your furnace runs more often and you get higher savings. 

But there is more to it than that…

Your furnace is also running when your air conditioning system is operating in the summer. The motor and blower in the furnace are moving the air in the home in tandem with the air conditioner. 

Upgraded furnaces have VERY efficient motors. These motors use less power than a standard furnace motor. 

This means in the winter, the furnace is SAVING YOU MONEY by being more efficient…


In the summer, you are saving money because the efficient motor makes the air conditioner less expensive to run and SAVES MONEY.

In Colorado, if you combine heating and cooling seasons, your furnace will be running 9-10 months every year. Your air conditioner will run only about four months out of the year.

If you are looking to replace your furnace and air conditioner and you’re on a budget, the answer is clear, you should always opt for an upgraded furnace and standard air conditioner over a standard furnace and upgraded air conditioner. 

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