Air Conditioner Repair: 3 Signs That You Need Repairs

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3 Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Repair

Whether your air conditioner is already running or you haven’t kicked it on, you should be aware of warning signs that signal it’s time to call in the professionals for air conditioner repair or maintenance.

If you pay attention to what your system is telling you and understand how it’s communicating, there are plenty of warning signs.

There is never a situation where it will benefit you to put necessary air conditioner repairs on hold.

The first sign of trouble should have you calling out to our air conditioner repair experts.

But how do you know when this is necessary?

Below we highlight those warning signs and what to do with them.

Keep these warning signs in mind, and don’t hesitate to schedule a service.

A prompt, professional repair is your best bet against serious issues!

It’s Grinding Its Gears

We cannot stress this enough. Your air conditioner should not be developing new sounds as it gets older.

If you start hearing a strange, unique sound coming from your AC, that means that it is time to have that sound investigated.

Don’t write that new grinding, squealing, or clanking noise off as little more than a minor annoyance.

That’s how it begins, but that’s not how it’ll stay.

Strange sounds could be the result of anything from loose components, to insufficient lubrication, to electrical issues.

The bottom line is that a professional diagnosis is the only appropriate course of action.

Don’t write something off to find out the hard way. It was more severe than you thought!

Higher Energy Bills

When things really heat up, and you’re running your air conditioner pretty much around the clock, it’s easy to write off high energy bills.

After all, that cooling doesn’t come for free. Well, that may be true, but don’t get comfortable overpaying for your comfort.

Keep an eye on how much you’re typically spending to cool your home and note any abnormal spikes.

Again, there are a lot of different potential reasons why your system may see a drop in inefficiency.

You could be looking at anything from a dirty air filter (simple fix) to a refrigerant leak (the exact opposite of a simple fix). We’ll figure out precisely what’s going on.

It’s Just Not Getting The Job Done

Well, that’s pretty obvious. I’m not going to ignore my AC if it can’t even cool my house down.

We know that this sounds obvious, but trust us, we’ve gone on a lot of calls where homeowners admit that their ACs have been underperforming for some time before calling it in.

You don’t want to wait for your air conditioner to break down entirely before you report the problem.

You want to get out ahead of any issues, and that means that you want to contact us as soon as your AC starts to struggle.

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If you have any questions about an air conditioner tune-up, or if you’d like a cooling system serviced or installed in your home, contact us or call 303-250-4422.



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