Transition Your HVAC System From Cooling To Heating Season

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Transition Your HVAC System From Cooling To Heating Season

How To Transition Your HVAC System From Cooling To Heating Season

Is it time for you to switch between air conditioning and heating?

With fall in full force, the nights and mornings are becoming cold.

Before the temperatures start to drop, you need to make sure to transition your HVAC system from cooling to heating.

Transition Your HVAC System

Following these tips is the perfect way to transition from the cooling to the heating season in your home so that you can save energy and money.

Make sure your home is ready for the fall and winter months.

Switch Your Ceiling Fans

Switch your Ceiling fans clockwise. Rotate them so they go clockwise, which will help circulate the air while not creating a cold draft and pushing warm air down.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Slowly work towards your preferred temperature by moving just a couple of degrees every thirty minutes or so.

Making too big of a difference in temperature while switching systems can strain your HVAC system and cause technical problems.

Save energy during the winter by setting your thermostat to 68 degrees while you’re awake and lowering it while sleeping or while you’re not home.

Schedule Heating Maintenance

Before you turn on your heating system, it’s essential to get your annual heating tune-up service.

Scheduling HVAC maintenance once in the fall and once in the spring will help you save in the long run.

Check And Change Your Home Air Filter

Checking and changing your HVAC air filter each month will ensure your heater will operate efficiently.

Having a clean air filter will also help you maintain safe indoor air quality and avoid costly repairs.

Check For Good Airflow At Your Registers

Go around your house and make sure none of your registers in your home are blocked by any furniture or rugs, as well as make sure they are opened and not closed.

A blocked register will make your heating system work harder and will not properly keep your home warm.

Air Seal Your Home

Ensure your home is correctly sealed at your windows and exterior doors so no air can come in or out.

During the beginning of the fall, you should check if you need to replace any weather stripping around the doors or windows.

We hope these tips on transitioning your HVAC system from summer to fall and winter will help you in your home.

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