Noisy Air Conditioner And The Common Causes

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Common Causes of A Noisy Air Conditioner

Tips For Quieting A Noisy Air Conditioner

A noisy air conditioner that’s always been loud might not necessarily have a problem.

However, if you’re hearing an unusual air conditioner noise like banging, buzzing, whistling, or rattling, it can be a symptom of a system that’s struggling and headed for a breakdown.

There are a few common issues that can cause a noisy air conditioner, and fortunately, with a little attention, peace can be restored.  

Vibrating Air Conditioner Components

One of the more likely culprits causing a noisy air conditioner is vibration. 

If the blower in your furnace becomes imbalanced, it will vibrate against the house and cause a great deal more noise than it usually would.

A missing vibration pad or a pad that was not poured level or has become unlevel can cause noisy vibration. 


Another common noise your air conditioner makes is ductwork that has come loose or was not correctly designed and installed in the first place. 

If your duct system is not designed correctly, poor distribution of the air can cause an uneven distribution of pressure, resulting in noise. 

If the noise can be found in a specific joint in the ductwork, the connection can be tightened or sealed better, which can often solve the problem. 

However, if the air conditioner noise seems to be from throughout the system, your entire system of ductwork may need to be redesigned.

Damaged Equipment

If the noisy air conditioner unit sounds like a clanging or scraping sound, you may have a problem that is much more serious than poorly sealed ductwork or an off-balanced furnace blower. 

Such noises can indicate a problem with your furnace or air conditioner, like a fan blade scraping against metal. 

Such internal damage requires professional attention as soon as possible.

If you are unable to heat or cool your house in peace, call an HVAC pro like those at Pure Air Solutions.

Professional air conditioning techs will be able to listen to the sounds, diagnose the problem, and take care of the issues. 

Then you and your family can enjoy your home in quiet comfort.

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