HVAC Maintenance Tips For Summer

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HVAC Maintenance Tips For Summer

This summer, make these HVAC maintenance tips part of your household routine.

Make sure your air conditioning unit is ready for the intense heat before summer arrives.

These are some simple things anyone can do to help make sure they stay cool this summer. 

You can avoid costly repairs and unnecessary discomfort by following the below HVAC maintenance tips for summer.

Clean Or Replace The Filter

Over time, dust and dirt build-up on your unit’s air filter. This build-up restricts the cooled air from circulating and causes the HVAC to work harder.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends you replace your HVAC’s air filter every month or two during the summer.

You may need to do this more often if the unit is in constant use or if you have pets.

If you are using permanent filters, make sure you clean them also.

Make sure to put the correct size filter in your unit and do not bend or fold an incorrect size as this will cause dust to bypass the filter and clog the cooling coil and blower wheel.

Never run your system without a filter. Doing this can severely damage your HVAC system.

Clean Area Around The Outdoor Unit

Ensure the area around the HVAC is free of leaves, grass, and twigs.

All bushes and trees should be at least three feet away, so a good steady supply of air can draw into the unit.

Check that no debris is stuck on the unit’s interior.


Check the thermostat or switch to a programmable one.

A thermostat that’s in good condition should be able to distribute cooled air within the home evenly.

A programmable thermostat is perfect if you would like to customize your home’s air conditioning schedule.

Schedule A Yearly Inspection

Scheduling your yearly HVAC inspection and maintenance helps keep it in tip-top shape. A licensed HVAC contractor will provide you with reliable and superior maintenance services. They’ll also recommend any additional repairs.

By performing these few simple HVAC maintenance tips, one can make sure their air conditioner is ready to take on the summer heat.

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